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A Jumpstart Saves The Day!

Emily, a dedicated employee at a high-profile tech firm, jumped out of bed, motivated and ready to tackle another day. She had a presentation that morning, one she’d been preparing for weeks. As she hurriedly grabbed her coffee and bag, she raced to her car, hoping to reach the office a bit early to run through her slides one last time.

Sliding into the driver’s seat, she turned the key, anticipating the familiar roar of the engine. But instead, all she heard was a disheartening “click, click, click.” A dead car battery. Panic instantly flooded her. “Not today,” she thought. Just last week, she’d been late due to an unexpected traffic jam, and another delay today might put her job at risk. The weight of her responsibilities bore down on her, and for a moment, despair snuck in.

Taking a deep breath, she remembered a friend mentioning Sun City Towing’s impeccable jumpstart service. Without wasting a second, she dialed their number.

In what seemed like mere moments, a Sun City Towing truck pulled up. With a friendly smile, the tow truck operator quickly assessed the situation, connected the jumper cables, and brought Emily’s car back to life. As the engine roared, Emily’s hope was restored.

Thanks to Sun City Towing’s rapid response and impeccable service, Emily made it to her presentation on time, impressing her bosses. That day, not only did she solidify her position in the company, but she also took another step toward her thriving career. As she looked back, she realized that sometimes, it’s the unforeseen challenges and the reliable allies we find along the way that truly shape our success stories.

Sun City Towing is the towing company to call when you’re having problems with your car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle. We can get your car going or tow it to a repair shop, whatever is required to get you back to your busy day.

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Maintenance Tips to Avoid Car Battery Failure

A vehicle’s battery is its heartbeat, essential for starting the engine and powering onboard electronics. To minimize the risk of unexpected battery failure and the consequent need for a jumpstart or towing, regular checks and maintenance are crucial. Firstly, it’s vital to ensure your battery terminals are clean and free of corrosion; a simple mixture of baking soda and water can be used to clean them. Periodically checking the battery’s voltage levels, preferably every month, using a multimeter can alert you to potential issues. Avoid leaving lights, radio, or air conditioning on when the engine is off, as this can drain the battery quickly. Driving your vehicle on a consistent basis, as infrequent driving can cause your battery to discharge and fail prematurely. Finally, remember that most car batteries have a lifespan of 3-5 years. If yours is nearing that age or showing signs of weakness, consider a proactive replacement to avoid being stranded. Regular attention to these details can significantly enhance battery longevity and reliability, ensuring you’re not left in a lurch.

Flat Tire Change


Sun City Towing’s tire change service is a time and money-saving solution when you’re in need of a swift and efficient fix for flat or damaged tires. Don’t ruin your clothes or waste your time, our rapid response and skilled team are happy to help get you back on the road in no time with our tire change service. Avoid costly delays and additional towing expenses.

Keys Locked Inside


No, you’re not the first person on the planet to have a hyperactive terrier lock himself inside the car. In fact, it happens all the time. As a benevolent pet owner, you don’t want to leave your dog inside the car on a hot day. So you leave the air on. But doing this requires a running engine, opening the door for this type of scenario. But don’t fret, call us to free your pet with our unlock service.

Out of Gas


If you’ve ever been so busy that you forget to look at the gas gauge, you’re in good company. That’s why Sun City Towing offers fast and affordable gas delivery service. Rather than hoofing it to the closest convenience store, buying a cheap plastic gas can at an inflated price, and then lugging 5 gallons of gas back to your car, call us. We’ll be there in a matter of minutes.

Don’t Strain Relationships!

It’s a natural instinct to turn to friends and relatives when car troubles arise. However, leaning on them repeatedly can inadvertently cause them an inconvenience, potentially placing undue strain on those cherished relationships. Furthermore, while well-intentioned, the assistance provided by your loved ones might lack the expertise required to get your car running right again. Bad advice from a shade-tree mechanic can potentially risk further damage to the vehicle. Sun City Towing offers a reliable solution to both of these dilemmas. By trusting our skilled professionals with your roadside emergencies, you not only ensure your vehicle gets the best care but also preserve the integrity and harmony of personal relationships. Choosing Sun City Towing is more than just a choice for your car—it’s a choice for maintaining healthy and long-lasting bonds with those you hold dear.


Common Reasons Why Your Car Won’t Start

Dead Battery: The most common reason for a car failing to start is often attributed to a dead or malfunctioning battery. While gasoline powers most vehicles, they rely on electrical energy to function effectively. Specifically, the starter, responsible for cranking the engine to life, requires a well-functioning battery to provide the necessary electrical signal. If your battery is compromised, due to age and other factors it can hinder the engine from turning over. While there are other telltale signs of a failing battery, the initial step is to check if the engine responds at all. Contact Sun City Towing for a battery boost when you car won’t start.

Faulty Alternator: An underperforming alternator often complements battery issues. The alternator’s role is crucial; it rejuvenates the battery and ensures the vehicle’s electrical systems continue to operate post-ignition. A faulty alternator doesn’t always mean your battery is compromised, but it can result in reduced functionality. Addressing and replacing a malfunctioning alternator is essential. Stay vigilant for indicators that might point towards alternator concerns. If your vehicle refuses to start due to a faulty alternator, give Sun City Towing a call for towing service. We always have a tow truck near you.

Blocked Fuel Filter: If fuel can’t make its way to your engine, naturally, your car will struggle to utilize it. This might seem straightforward, but many often overlook the role of the fuel filter in this process. Fuel-related issues can manifest in various ways, from your car’s inconsistent sputtering to decreased fuel efficiency, and notably, starting problems. It’s recommended to change your fuel filter every 30,000 miles. If your vehicle is nearing this mark and encountering ignition issues, it might be time for a fuel filter inspection and potential replacement. With Sun City Towing’s expert service, you’re always in capable hands. Call us, your wrecker service near you.