Jumpstart Service

Do You Need A Jumpstart Service?

Is your battery dead in yur car or truck? Don’t fret. Give us a call at Sun City and well ahve you back on the road fast.  916-9063-1491

Prompt Jumpstart Service

Most of the time, most battery boosts are needed at the last minute when time really matters, usually, just before work. You head to your vehicle turn the key over only to hear click, click, not the usual sound of your engine starting. The great news is our team at Sun City Towing provides prompt and affordable battery boost services to get you going when it matters the most. Our team understands how important your time is. And the saying- time is money- stands true to us.
Therefore, no matter the time of day or night, you can rely on us to respond swiftly whether you need car help roadside or in your garage. From providing high-quality roadside assistance services to short- or long-distance towing services, we have covered all your emergency roadside breakdown frustrations.

Jumpstart Service

There’s no need to look any further than Sun City Towing for all your towing and roadside assistance needs in Carmichael, California, and the surrounding areas. We are here and ready around the clock to get you back on the fast./span>

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Roadside Assistance And More

Our work at Sun City Towing is more than just hooking up and towing your car, truck, SUV, all-wheel drive, or four-wheel drive vehicle. It’s about providing our customers the best possible customer service in their time of need to alleviate the stress of their unfortunate roadside breakdown. Our dedication has earned us a reputation built on trust, dependability, and unwavering integrity. We truly value every individual we help, and our steadfast commitment shines from the moment you call until you are back on the road safe and sound. Our Wreckmaster Certified tow truck operators have the knowledge and experience and will go above and beyond to exceed expectations to ensure every interaction is seamless and hassle-free. As a full-service towing company, we offer a wide range of towing services, from flatbed towing to accident recovery and roadside assistance solutions. From residential motorists to vehicle fleets, our top-of-the-line tow trucks and seasoned operators are ready around the clock to assist during those unexpected vehicle breakdowns. Whether the sun is shining or pitch black, our team will work efficiently to ensure our arrival times are accurate. We will keep a line of clear communication if updates are needed. Our highest priority is your safety and the satisfaction of you, your drivers, and your vehicles.

Accident Towing

Tow truck

When you’ve been involved in an accident give us a call at Sun City Towing. We’ll swoop in and get you and your vehicle to safety. We are here around the clock to ensure you have a committed and dependable accident towing team you can depend upon.

Equipment Transport

Jumpstart Service

Looking for an affordable solution to getting your equipment where you need it? Whether you are a rental company, construction company, or DIYer doing a backyard project, call Sun City Towing, and we will safely transport your equipment when and where needed.

Classic Car Towing

Jumpstart Service

Our team at Sun City Towing loves classic cars. We also enjoy towing classic cars and vintage vehicles for our customers. So, if you are looking for an affordable, safe way to keep mileage off your classic when you need it somewhere, call us for our detail-oriented classic car towing service.

Safe And Reliable Towing Resource

When you need a towing company, look no further than Sun City Towing. Our team knows all too well how anxiety and stress weigh you down during an unexpected roadside breakdown. With that knowledge, we aim to ensure every customer feels cared for, valued, and appreciated no matter the hour of your breakdown. We are ready around the clock, 365 days a year, to be your knight in shining armor when you need it most, going above and beyond your expectations of the towing industry.
Our tow truck operators bring a wealth of experience and will approach every call with the commitment and accuracy you need. We bring more than training to every breakdown; it’s our passion to deliver high-quality customer service with your satisfaction as our top priority.

Jumpstart Service

When Problems Arise Trust in Sun City Towing

Problem: You are sitting on the roadside with a flat tire on a busy highway. You have all the equipment, but cars are whizzy by you at breakneck speed. It is unsafe for you to get our and change your tire.

Solution: Your safest solution is to give us a call at Sun City Towing. You can count on our seasoned professionals to quickly assess the situation and safely tow your vehicle to a safer location to change your tire, or if the location is safe for our tow truck operator, change your tire at your breakdown location.

Problem:  Say you are running late for work and can’t find your car keys. You search all over the house and check to see if your keys are in the car. There they are, in the ignition, but you are locked out of your car.

Solution: Give us a call at Sun City Towing. We provide damage-free unlock services no matter the hour of the day or night. And if you have a loved one locked inside, we provide emergency unlock services as fast as possible to reunite you and your loved one.

Problem:  Suppose you are doing a backyard project that requires digging and heavy lifting, but you must rent a bobcat from the rental company. You need a professional towing company to get the bobcat to you.

Solution: We have the solution for you. Sun City Towing offers equipment transport services for DIYers, construction companies, and rental companies. Our rates are affordable, and you can schedule your transport at a specific time or call up when needed.