Car Locksmith 

Car Locksmith Carmichael, CA

Are you looking for a towing company to unlock your car?  Call us at Sun City Towing for damage-free, prompt, and friendly service.  916-906-1491

Affordable Car Locksmith Service

Did you accidentally lock your keys in your car? Give us a ring at Sun City Towing. Our tow truck operators can get you back into any make or model vehicle on the road today. Please, no matter what, do not try to unlock your car with a coat hanger if, by chance, you actually have a metal one available. Unlocking your car with a coat hanger could cost you way more than calling a professional to help. You could damage your weather striking, break your window, or damage your locking mechanism by trying to unlock it yourself without the knowledge and proper tools to perform a damage-free unlock.
That’s where we come in. Our highly skilled tow truck operators have the proper training, tools, and experience to safely receive your keys no matter the hour of the day or the weather. Plus, our rates are the best around for the quality, friendly service, and professionalism you will receive.

Car Locksmith

There’s no better solution to your roadside assistance pickles than calling Sun City Towing. We offer the right solution for all your towing and roadside assistance needs in Carmichael, California, and the surrounding areas.

  • Unlock Service
  • Car Towing
  • Motorcycle Transport
  • Flatbed Towing
  • Classic Car Towing
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Equipment Transport
  • Accident Towing
  • Jump Start Service
  • Light Duty Towing
  • Gas Delivery
  • Tire Change Service

Committed To Serving You

At Sun City Towing, caring for our customers isn’t just about making money. It’s about serving others and supporting our community. Our compassion, understanding, and passion for serving others are how we’ve built a distinction of trustworthiness, reliability, and honorability.
We truly value each person we assist, and our dedication to providing excellent towing and related services reflects this commitment. Our highly skilled Wreckmaster Certified tow truck operators take pride in delivering top-notch towing and roadside assistance services. We offer a wide range of towing and roadside assistance services to ensure our customers receive the best solution for their roadside breakdowns-offers, including flatbed, accident towing, short and long-distance towing, and classic car and motorcycle towing services. Regarding our roadside assistance services, we offer flat tire changes, unlock, battery boosts, and gas delivery services. Day or night, we provide accurate arrival times with clear communications to ensure you are always updated on all aspects of your service. First and foremost, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of you, your drivers, and your vehicles is our top priority.

Jump Start Service

Car Locksmith

From leaving your headlights on to the hot and cold temps, your car battery takes a beating and sometimes doesn’t have the juice it needs to start your engine. Our team at Sun City Towing provides prompt jump start service to give your battery the boost it needs to start your engine around the clock every day of the year.

Tire Change Service

Car Locksmith

Don’t allow the pitter-patter of the tire drum to ruin your day. Hit the call now button, and Sun City Towing will arrive in a matter of minutes to change it for you. We are prompt, affordable, and detail-oriented to ensure you are back on the road fast.

Gas Delivery

Car Locksmith

Yes, it happens. Running out of gas can be embarrassing when it does happen to you. And really, no one wants to call a friend or sibling to help so they can turn you into the talk of the town. But what happens at Sun City Towing stays at Sun City Towing. We’ve seen it all and are always happy to provide you with the right affordable solution to all your roadside breakdowns.

Your Ultimate Roadside Assistance Solution

Whether you need a short or long-distance tow, accident tow, or a tow around the block, we have what you need to get your vehicle where you need it. From towing to roadside assistance services Sun City Towing and Recovery understands that unexpected roadside problems can be stressful. We are here to help you, no matter what time of day or night, with a team available 24/7, 365 days a year. We aim to provide you with the best service possible and exceed your expectations. Our experienced professionals are always available to help you. They are passionate about providing you with excellent service and prioritizing your safety and satisfaction. We want to make sure that you feel valued and supported during challenging times. If you need our assistance, please keep our number, 916-906-1491, handy. Our goal is to get your vehicle back on the road and provide reassurance during times of uncertainty.

Car Locksmith

You Can Count On Us When Problems Arise

Problem: Your car won’t start because your steering wheel is locked. You’ve tried wiggling the steering wheel, but it’s not working, and you are parked on a hill with your wheels turned into the street.

Solution: At Sun City Towing, we’ve been around the block several times. Up our sleeve, we have numerous tricks of the trade to help solve minor roadside problems. Our professional tow truck operators will guide you through the solution so that next time this problem arises, you, too, will have a trick or two up your sleeve. We are all about solving the problem to safely get you back on the road.

Problem: You go to the garage to leave for work, and when you open the garage door, staring back at you, there is a rear flat passenger tire. Giving you the nah, nah, nah, nah, you’re gonna be late for work again, stair.

Solution: Whether your car is in the driveway, on the side of the road where it’s dirty, or in a business parking lot, Sun City Towing will change that flat tire with NASCAR speed and permission to ensure you’re not late for work again. We offer around-the-clock solutions for all your roadside assistance needs. No matter the circumstances, you can trust us to be just a phone call away.

Problem: Say you are from out of town visiting grandma. She sent you to the grocery store to pick up the ingredients for your favorite cherry pie that only grandma can make to your liking. With groceries loaded, you turn the key over only to find your trustworthy truck you call Betsie won’t start.

Solution: At Sun City Towing, it’s more than just towing – we provide complete roadside assistance. Whether your vehicle needs a jump-start or requires transport, our Flatbed Towing Services utilize an 8-point tie-down system for utmost security. Our speed and dedication to safety make us the trusted choice no matter what you drive.